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Signa Comp
About the Signa Comp

The Signa Comp (Compressor) has controls for Sustain, and Level. Footprint of a Boss or Ibanez and has a bright blue LED and True Bypass.

I came up with this Compressor and I think it has a really nice wide range of application. It is very smooth with a lot of sustain and pop. Great low end. This can do Rock, Jazz, Country, Nashville, well you get the idea, not your standard Ross clone!. I use matched transistors, and it is true Bypass.

Pedal is quiet as far as compressors go with hardly any noise. The Signa Comp is also available in a 4 Knob version that adds Tone control and Attack control, to give you even more control over YOUR TONE!

Comes STANDARD in Copper.

Signa CompPRICE - 140.00

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   Switchcraft jacks
   Alpha pots
   Blue LED
   EH 3DPT true bypass switch
   Military grade wiring
   Hand picked and matched parts for tone and durability
  Works on a 9V Battery or Adapter