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BufferThe buffer is not an effect pedal but it does have a nice affect on your tone. What happens when you have long cables or lots of effect pedals is that the capacitance and the resistance starts taking away from your tone, because cable and wire has resistance which takes the sparkle away from highs, and your bass will start becoming flabby. The buffer retains your guitar and amps original tone just like you had a really short cable and nothing else in the chain.

Even if you have non true bypass effect pedals, this will still help your tone because the buffers used in commercial effects are really poor. With true bypass effects your original signal is going straight to your amp but the resistance of the guitar cables and wire within the pedal will start breaking the signal down. The buffer brings your tone back where you want it.

The buffer is really small 1.9"x1.9"x1" it can easily be tucked out of the way on your pedal board. There are no switches to play with just a simple buffer that does the job and is small enough not to take up valuable space on your board.

If you have a large pedal board I do recommend running 2 of these one at the front of the chain and one at the end of the chain.

This runs on a 9v adapter only, its too small to use batteries. It uses Kobiconn jacks, blue LED, a military grade PCB, powder coated and screen printed and has a 2 year warranty.


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PRICE - 69.00

lue LED
Kobiconn jacks
   Military grade circuit board
Powder coated