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Custom built boutique effect pedals by CMAT.
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boutique guitar pedals by CMATWelcome to CMATMODS.
This is the place for ultimate tone from hand built, boutique pedals and selected mods.

CMAT prides in delivering boutique tone at great prices!
CMATMODS features the Plus Mods. Check them out and take your pedals to the next level!
We are particularly excited about our NEW Analog Phaser and the amazing Super Signa Drive!
Please note our Dealers page!
Reviews keep streaming in on our Pedals, people absolutely love our Signa pedals! Read the Reviews!

For those ordering mods, please remember to print, fill out and include the ORDER FORM.

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Scenic Drive CMAT Signa Drive Super Signa Drive CMAT Brownie
CMAT Blems

email me your pedal request & we'll check
our BLEM stock.

First come first serve
Blems are very minor.

Scenic Drive Signa Drive Super Signa Drive Brownie
CMAT Butah CMAT Deluxe Signa Comp CMAT Deluxe Compressor CMAT Ratified Analog Chorus
Butah Deluxe Signa Comp Deluxe Compressor Ratified Analog Chorus
Buffer CMAT Compressor CMAT Signa Comp Analog Phaser CMAT Deeelay Tremoglo
Buffer Compressor Signa Comp Analog Phaser Deeelay Tremoglo
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